Online Production masterclass

“Online Production Masterclass” will allow all fans of electronic music to get acquainted with the tools and processes in creating music, and to start creating electronic music in the comfort of your home. The masterclass is in English or Croatian.


  • basics of production
  • recording / production tool basics (DAW)
  • introduction to electronic sound creation tools and techniques
  • use of plugins during mixing and mastering
  • how to start recording a song
  • creative ideas when creating
  • how to prepare a song for mastering based on already released songs 
  • show what a completed project looks like based on already released songs 
  • guests masterclass


Who are instuctors?

Sunčica Barišić, DJ and producer with an enviable world career, owner of a PR agency, co-founder of TRAUM events and the owner of the publishing house.

As a producer, she’s had a string of releases on highly respected labels including DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted, Marcelus’s Singular and Developer’s Modularz – supported and played by some of techno’s finest including Laurent Garnier, DVS1, Dax J and Ilario Alicante. 

Her list of clubs and partys she played is impressive and includes Berghain, Rex, Tresor, Under Club, Club d’Anvers, Unter, Exit Festival, Tomorrowland, ADE and Dimensions Festival. 

Apart from Sunčica, the project would involve many well-known producers of electronic music from Croatia and the world who, in addition to the general techniques, would show their processes and tools used in everyday production, everything based on their published musical works. 

Why “Online Production Masterclass”?

The very idea of starting a masterclass came about right while attending 1U4 Leadership Academy, when everything went online, no one could access classrooms so we switched to virtual ones. Sunčica got the inspiration to start this project by participating in similar programs for external associates in the English speaking market and came up with the idea that this is exactly what is missing in our area after realizing that there is no school that teaches online.

Do I need to have prior music education?

No. Modern times have brought new tools and techniques, and you can learn the basics of electronic music in your home studio – without prior music education and without too much investment in the equipment. Whether you will be a professional musician depends only on you and your efforts. 


“The lectures were conceived in a way that moved from simpler concepts and actions in the program that included both the creative and the technical part and gradually introduced us to some more complex operations, all in a very interesting way in the sense that everything could be easily followed. None of this would of course have been possible without the top lecturer Sunčica, who approached each lecture professionally and added personal touch.”

– Madga

“I would recommend this course to anyone. You get hands-on help from start to finish, loads of industry insider top tips and tricks to make electronic music. Insolate is a fantastic tutor who really understands the creative and technical processes required to make music in Ableton Live. LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!”

– Laura

“It was fun and instructive for me and I think I got what I asked for from all this and I managed to remove all the questions that came up during my production attempts after all the lectures I attended.”

– Patrik

“Your class has given me a lot more confidence to continue to explore music and move beyond just being a DJ and promoter.”

– Damien

“As a beginner, I knew almost nothing about Ableton. But thanks to Insolate’s patience and detailed explanations, over the weeks I saw myself being able to create solid foundations for my future track(s). My group was super curious and insightful, that I got a lot to dig in and discover. I am feeling so grateful.”

– Klementia

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Online Production Masterclass